Bones pràctiques en l’àmbit de la joventut

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Capturing best practices in youth policies presented in this volume aims to be a tool for consolidation of this sector governance in Catalonia. The paper highlights the virtues of the intervention models applied in our territory for almost thirty years, and especially emphasizes the social benefits they bring to the country.nThis collection of best practices, therefore, aims to achieve three major goals basically. First proposed locate, describe and assess projects that give a satisfactory answer to the specific needs of youth policies at all-or, at least, in most areas, its own interests. Knowing the projects with a high degree of objectivity, we can classify correct help us determine and validate the techniques and methods of application that can serve as examples to follow. This paper, therefore, intends to begin construction of a canon of youth policies. It is about building a model of practical response to the scientific knowledge we have young people and youth. nn

Associació Catalana de Professionals de les Polítiques de Joventut (Editor del volum)

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