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Activisme sociopolític des de la música popular Midnight Oil. (Austràlia, 1976–2002)
Bonastre Sirerol, Roger
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The work and career of the Australian rock band Midnight Oil show the scope and possibilities of sociopolitical activism emerged from the urban popular culture. Between 1976 and 2002, five musicians from Sydney found in rock music a vehicle for artistic expression and communication to meet the major challenges facing Australian society. By fourteen albums, over two thousand concerts and dozens of protest actions, Midnight Oil addressed to citizens to alert the growing apathy and conformism in the management of social conflicts and political representatives require a revaluation of the institutions democratic. From the local level, the band positions on issues of international pacifism, environmentalism and the claims of indigenous peoples. In this activism resulted in the structuring of a socio-political discourse focused on human rights and denouncing the excesses and shortcomings of capitalism, and now recurrent issues from time to time. In this respect, Free dissent and hope explores the whole work and career Midnight Oil deepening the analysis of the socio-political dimension to the songs and found that the activities of the group participated actively in social development and Australia policy.n

Bonastre Sirerol, Roger (Autor)



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