Ciència, tècnica i agricultura a la Catalunya de la Il·lustració (1766-1821)

Bernat López, Pasqual
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This paper deals with the agronomic movement in Catalonia during the period of the Enlightenment. The study of the sources is shown the existence of a speech whose core ideas were the promotion and modernization of agriculture. From this observation has built a working hypothesis to demonstrate that the Catalan agronomic movement Enlightenment, though possessing specific characteristics which gave it its own personality, continued, from the point of view institutional, human and technological proposals, the guidelines of its European counterpart. The work is divided into three parts. After a first half in which the previous study agronomic starting point of the research is dedicated to the second part dealt with the central questions of the research: the institutionalization of agronomy in Catalonia Illustrated. The third and analyzes the technical and methodological proposals which the institutions and the studied agronomists advocated. The novelty of this work is based in highlighting the existence of a scientific and technical nature of the movement that occurred in parallel with the changes in the Catalan countryside in the eighteenth. A movement that, without being specific to the Catalan society of the time, represented a state of mind and a desire to transform within the budgets of the scientific and technical renovation. Issues such as the teaching of agriculture, the invention of new agricultural machinery, new farming methods or the fight plant diseases are some of the subjects that the reader will find in the pages of this book.

Bernat López, Pasqual (Autor)

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