El hombre sobrepasado

Ensayo de interpretación cultural sobre el fondo existencial de la desolación metafísica
Uyà Puigmartí, JMa
ISBN/ISSN: 9788499841885 Colection:Scripta n° pags: 150 Idioma: spa
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In essay form, surpassed man wonders about the metaphysical question in this society. This question is a fact equidistant between the poet and the bourgeois, financial or merchant currently. The poet is one who feels metaphysical desolation maximally, ie the fact that we have been without God or gods. The bourgeois and petty bourgeois are all long to be or what it is he who lives without metaphysics, that you really need not have any form of metaphysics in order to live, and do, as society has become totally commercial thanks to the use of the technology. The consequences in art and knowledge of this bourgeois society are visible in the form of nihilism that necessarily. So, why the poet in times of desolation, as Hölderlin wondered? And behold, the poet, useless at all, turns out to be the crossroads between feeling, thinking and being. The poet witnessed the harsh weather, which exist in time, but not knowing.n

Uyà Puigmartí, JMa (Autor)

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