El món, el nostre món

Heller, Agnes
ISBN/ISSN: 9788496742833 Colection:Publicacions de la Càtedra Ferrater Mora / Lliçons de la Càtedra Ferrater Mora n° pags: 186 Idioma: cat
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Presentation of Josep-Maria Terricabras Nogueras.nTranslation from Joan Vergés Gifra and Maria Vicenta Lucas Català.n nFrom May 30 to June 3, 2005 Agnes Heller took theCàtedra Ferrater Mora de Pensament Contemporani with a series of lessons that were very significantly holder "The world, our world". These are the lessons that are collected in this volume. Heller is an overview, lively, intense, some of the major issues that have occupied their philosophical reflections. Do not split the reflection of his staff, but on the contrary, these lessons pours in its more mature reflection, more personal, about the world, everyday life and traditions; destotalització brought on by post, on the relationship dual, but not dualist, between the body il'ànima; about art and culture on politics and ethics, and, of course, about the freedom and happiness. Indeed, the notion of freedom through the book to head: Heller knows that "freedom is a foundation that is not founded", but precisely because it acknowledges their true importance. These lessons are read easily and with enrichment. They made a big contribution from the ideological left to interpret the everyday arisen from the new times and to orient themselves in the new needs and heard in the new possibilities offered. Heller said that "the importance of a thesis or idea depends mainly on the orientation of his power, beyond the specific data that can be used to support the idea, because such data can be easily overcome. There is no doubt that these lessons Agnes Heller could have a very high target. n

Heller, Agnes (Autor)


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