Els himnes nacionals

Rabaseda i Matas, Joaquim
ISBN/ISSN: 9788499841304 Colection:Musica / Manuals n° pags: 174 Idioma: cat
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National Hymns are a political instrument, a music service of states, nations, countries, peoples. But they are also a proclamation collective, a heraldic emblem, a revolutionary song. This book is an introduction to the genre from four examples: God Save the King, Marcha de Granaderos, La Marseillaise and Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser. The author puts on four songs, presumably the oldest, with baroque fanfare, sporting slogans, religious songs and film music, among others. This book, then, is an essay on a musical genre that, like opera arias and popular songs, has conveyed part of the collective emotions of several generations. Because, basically, for over two hundred years, the national anthems have been a social symbol.n

Rabaseda i Matas, Joaquim (Autor)

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