Els remences

Lluch Bramon, Rosa
ISBN/ISSN: 9788493468552 Colection:Biblioteca d'Història Rural (BHR - Rural History Library) / Estudis n° pags: 420 Idioma: spa
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The book you have in your hands uses an unusually complete source, the books of accounts and the administrative documentation of the "Almoina del Pa de la Seu de Girona". In her study about the Almoina of Girona as owner of peasants, Rosa Lluch focuses our attention on the particularities of the conditions that affect the peasants of the area of girona and at the same time offers a detailed vision of how the "remença" system worked at the end of the Middle Age. This study builds on previous discoveries based on the extraordinarily numerous documents about the relationships between the masters of the diocese of Girona and their lieutenants legally not free but surprisingly full of means. On one hand, the density of peasants is nowhere as large as it is in the North-east of the old part of Catalunya. On the other hand, there are rarely peasants without economical possibilities or social mobility: they are able to change domain, move to cities and have enough money as to enrich their masters but also to manipulate a social system officially rigid in a limited but significative way.

Lluch Bramon, Rosa (Autor)

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