Feminisme i Història de l’art

ISBN/ISSN: 9788492707270 Colection:Plurals / Aula n° pags: 178 Idioma: cat

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This book contains a selection of seven articles written by leading art historians of the Anglo-Saxon area between 1971 and 1988. The texts, which are published in Catalan first, draw an overview of the emergence and development of feminist art history as we lived and wrote some of his key players. The set of articles presents the issues and most important issues that confronted the first generation of feminist historians around the role of women as creators, critics, audiences and patrons in the art world throughout history, and therefore allows to see also the answers, debates, arguments and proposals that the issues raised. "Feminism and Art History" is aimed at students of history and art, and all those interested in the matter, who are curious to know some of the contributions that have most transformed the discipline in recent decades.n

Faxedas Brujats, Maria Lluïsa (Editor del volum)

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