Guía de buenas prácticas de Información Médica en la industria farmacéutica española

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From the Pharmaceutical Industry Medicine Association in Spain, the Medical Information Working Group presents the first attempt to provide work guides to companies and Spanish professionals who develop this activity. Divided into 12 chapters, the guide reviews the legal and deontological context in which we operate, describes the activities of the Medical Information departments, examines the profile of their professionals and analyzes their competencies and work tools. At the same time, it defines a practical framework from which to face the current situation and the new challenges of the sector.
Since its creation at the end of 2014, the members of this group have shown a strong commitment to maximum efficiency in the search and dissemination of accurate, up-to-date and balanced information on drugs and other health products, thereby supporting health professionals in the taking of therapeutic decisions that contribute to better patient care.
In this same line, the Guide of good practices of Medical Information in the Spanish pharmaceutical industry aims to share with health professionals, administrations and the general public the high quality standards that guarantee the information provided by the Medical Information Technicians and, for consequently, by the pharmaceutical industry.

ROJO ABRIL, MÓNICA (Editor tècnic)

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