Guía Investigación Clínica 2013

ISBN/ISSN: 9788499841854 Colection:Publicacions de la Càtedra Promoció de la Salut n° pags: 110 Idioma: spa
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This guide-2013 is designed to facilitate the work [1] design of clinical studies carried out by researchers [2] assessment by members of the CIS and [3] of information to patients, guardian , elected representatives or guardians of fact to which are invited to participate in a clinical trial. Collects and sorts all the ethical and legal imperative scattered in different declarations, guidelines, international guidelines, Spanish legislation and good practice documents; proposes new ethical guidelines to keep in mind, they are not required but it would be desirable, and reflects and elaborates on some controversial aspects. nn

Canimas Brugué, Joan (Coordinació general de)



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