Història de la meva infància (1907-1918)

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In fact, these memories are a compendium, a distillate, of provincial life, through which the strictest daily life parades and the routine of seasonal changes is only broken by some exceptional event or by the inevitable isolation and conventional treatments of moments of illness. with alteration of the school routes, the doctor's visits, the sweet convalescence passed the peak of the supply of the pharmaceutical preparations of the time, not always pleasant to ingest.

Joan, Pericot García (Autor)
Pericot Colomer, Montserrat (Prefaci de)
Pérez Pericot, Marta (Prefaci de)
Nadal i Farreras, Joaquim (Editor literari)
Nadal i Farreras, Joaquim (Introducció de)
Clara i Resplandis, Josep (Editor literari)
Clarà i Resplandis, Josep (Introducció de)

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