Islam i Cristiandat / Islam y Cristiandad

Civilitzacions al món medieval / Civilizaciones en el mundo medieval
ISBN/ISSN: 9788499842028 Colection:Estudis de cultura escrita i visual n° pags: 330 Idioma: cat,spa
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The historical evolution of the Mediterranean enunciated by Henri Pirenne still forms a part of historiography. The progressive dismemberment of the empire of Rome, and above all, the crisis of the Byzantine Empire facilitated the rapid expansion of Islam and therefore, the progressive conversion of the Mare Nostrum in an almost entirely Islamic sea. In this perspective, Christianity turned the sea horizon to the coasts of the North Sea and European mainland. One of the purposes of European sovereignties totaled recovery of the Mediterranean coasts and the Holy Land. However, when the Christian kingdoms landed in North Africa, succumbed forever Byzantium. The dynamic forces replaced gradually north-south coordinate for the west-east. nHowever, conflicts in the Mediterranean, from al-Andalus to Palestine, were repeated as the experiences of coexistence and cultural exchange. Relate circumstances and contexts of relationship between different cultural, social, ethnic, or not always be presumed threats hauled in the work that brings this book. The Mediterranean was the scene of successive strategies of business expansion, military and cultural policy and this makes it a benchmark landscape of encounters, exchanges, relationships and channels of coexistence between disparate cultural fields.n

Varela Rodríguez, M. Elisa (Editor del volum)
Boto Varela, Gerardo (Editor del volum)

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