La Ciutadella as an urban space

Burch i Rius, Josep / Palahí Grimal, Lluís / Martínez Martínez, Toni
ISBN/ISSN: 9788499845487 DOI: Colection:Guies n° pags: 56 Idioma: spa
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In the middle of the sixteenth century, Charles I launched a project to fortify the main strategic points of his empire, and included the defence of the village of Roses, which was a strategically vital port for the defence of the north-east of the peninsula.
The main objective of the defensive system of the bay of Roses, which also included the construction of the Trinitat castle or other elements such as the construction of a castle in the Medes islands, was the defence of the port, used as an anchorage for the military fleet.

Burch i Rius, Josep (Autor)
Burch i Rius, Josep (Curatela de)
Burch i Rius, Josep (Director editorial)
Palahí Grimal, Lluís (Autor)
Palahí Grimal, Lluís (Curatela de)
Martínez Martínez, Toni (Autor)
Sagrera Aradilla, Jordi (il·lustrat per)
Tremps, Michael (Traduït per)

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