La filosofia de Kant dos-cents anys després

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From the Càtedra Ferrater Mora thought the bicentenary of Kant's death was a great excuse to meet five of the most familiar with his work and to ask them to show again the validity of his legacy. This volume contains contributions, which addresses some of the major issues kantians thinking and know the concept, the pleasure of reflection, aesthetic pleasure metaphysical theory about space and time. Five lessons to be rooted in the thinking of an author who died two hundred years ago, but continues to raise issues of a force and now indisputable. As often happens in these cases, the symposium was not necessary to confirm that Kant is a classic, but it has been extremely positive to return to verify that we can still learn a lot when reading and rethinking their texts. After all, it is Kant who said that there is no proper philosophy but to philosophize.n

Dietzsch, Steffen (Autor)
Duque Pajuelo, Félix (Autor)
Lluís Font, Pere (Autor)
Martínez Marzoa, Felipe (Autor)
Olesti Vila, Josep (Autor)


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