La improvisació

Ginesi, Gianni
ISBN/ISSN: 9788499841298 Colection:Musica / Manuals n° pags: 136 Idioma: cat
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Improvisation in music is manifested in a variety of situations and conditions. It is a practice very much alive today and with deep historical roots that allow you to take on social meanings and artistic values ​​very different. This book is an introduction to creating extemporaneous situations from six specimens: improvised songs, freedom of body, the virtuosity of the performers, jazz, improvisation and music education overall. The author understands how improvisation in these areas and some of the interpretations that have partnered to understand more about attitudes and values ​​that are manifested. An understanding needed to approach a social practice is perfectly integrated in the music of our environment, both present and past. nn

Ginesi, Gianni (Autor)

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