La intempèrie metafísica de Macedonio Fernández

Uyà Puigmartí, JMa
ISBN/ISSN: 9788492707126 Colection:Scripta n° pags: 120 Idioma: cat

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Macedonio Fernández (Buenos Aires, 1874-1952) is an not well know author, even now, more than fifty years after his death. Who has heard of him, the reference is invariably by Jorge Luis Borges. Now, but, have read the work of Macedonio is of a height and complexity much higher than those of the son of his friend Jorge Borges, and that this is an entirely metaphysical, whether in prose, novel or poetry, whether in humor or aphorism. The ten volumes of his complete works edited by Corregidor, Buenos Aires, is a monument reflective devastating to put the metaphysical question not in God (it was theological), or being (was rationalist), but in the mystery (it was really metaphysics, current), an insoluble mystery to which he devoted all the single life, married with four children, and widowed, with the same persistence and ruthlessness that made his contemporary Fernando Pessoa, one sitting in remote large pension Buenos Aires, and another sitting on a trade office "a baixa" Lisbon. This essay aims to be a presentation of his life, work and thought.n

Uyà Puigmartí, JMa (Autor)



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