L’herència deweyana

Carreras i Planas, Carla
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Carla Carreras was awarded a PhD in Philosophy by the Universitat de Girona and teaches at the same university. Her research topics include the project Philosophy for Children, the didactics of philosophy and North American pragmatism. She has published various articles in national and international magazines on these subjects. The aim of this research is framed inside what traditionally has been called the theory of knowledge, because it seeks to examine some fundamental concepts that form the basis of the process of knowledge and participates in it. The perspective is clearly pragmatic, more specifically Deweyian pragmatism. As an initial hypothesis, she establishes that the notion of knowledge has conditions of possibility of what has been called "the bases of knowledge" experience, research community and judgement. The analysis of these notions also implies the reconstruction of the very concept of philosophy, intimately related to education. This is the only way to overcome the dualism between theory and practice, against which Dewey always fought. In order to avoid analysis and reflection in a void, the author focuses her study on the project by Matthew Lipman's Philosophy for Children, because she understands it as a theory of knowledge applied to the practice of philosophy, which is brought to bear on the very foundations that guarantee knowledge. Thus the notions of experience, research community and judgement are analyzed from a Deweyian perspective with the aim of discovering how these foundations help to construct knowledge.

Carreras i Planas, Carla (Autor)



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