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Uyà Puigmartí, JMa
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In an essay, Man exceeded questions the metaphysical question in this society. This question is a fact equidistant between the poet and the bourgeois, financial or merchant now. The poet is he who is greatest metaphysical desolation, that is, the fact of having been without God or gods. The bourgeois, petty bourgeois and we all yearn to be or what it is he who lives without metaphysics, that you really need not have any kind of metaphysics in order to live, and do, as it did totally commercial society thanks to the use of technology. The consequences in art and knowledge of this bourgeois society are evident in the form of nihilism that necessarily. So, why the poet in times of distress, as Hölderlin asked? And here the poet, both useless at all, happens to be the intersection of feeling, thinking and being. The poet witnessed the harsh weather, where we exist in time as ever but not knowing.n

Uyà Puigmartí, JMa (Autor)



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