Literalidad y dinamicidad en el discurso económico

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During the first half of July 2007 were held at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra the VI Activities of the Summer IULATERM: the International Summer School on Terminology and the International Symposium of Terminology. The sixth edition of the symposium was devoted to the interrelationships of the terminology with the economy, centered on the axis literalism and dynamism, the economic discourse itself.In this new volume of the series Activitats are included in a first part, the texts of the three presentations of the central VI International Symposium on Terminology: Dificultades prácticas en el desarrollo de la terminología económica orientada a la traducción, by Adriana Russo; The English Language and Economic Terminology: An Application to Catalan by Joaquim Silvestre; and tLa terminologie au service du discours en anglais economique, by Catherine Resche. In a second block are shown in many communications that took place over the days of the symposium, headed by prominent specialists. In the latter part of the volume, is the round table which closed the symposium, attended by Ieda Maria Alves, Mariangela de Araujo, Catherine Resche and Josefa Gomez of Enterría, under the coordination of Lisa Gilbert. And the volume ends with the closing conference of the Sixth International Summer School on Terminology, neologism and fields of specialization in the press, which presented Gloria Guerrero.

Cabré i Castellví, M. Teresa (Editor del volum)
Bach Martorell, Carme (Editor del volum)
Tebé Soriano, Carles (Editor del volum)

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