Manual de comunicación turística

ISBN/ISSN: 9788499841182 Colection:Documenta n° pags: 332 Idioma: spa
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Almost two years have elapsed since the appearance of Manual de Comunicació Turística, we present this spanish edition, revised and enlarged, which is something like a younger brother of an existing work in Catalan, although different in its approach and content.nIn this edition, has been affected especially in everything related to digital communication, the universe and the phenomenon 2.0, social media communication applied to tourism. To this end, we had outstanding professionals and scholars, from a theoretical and applied, place us in the new scenario for tourism digitalism.nIn short, this work delve into the treatment of what today represents not only a change of trend in tourist communication, but a cultural shift change, per se, the traditional model of tourism. n

de San Eugenio Vela, Jordi (Coordinació general de)

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