Por la vida en la tierra

Lozano Winterhalder, Francesc
ISBN/ISSN: 9788496742109 Colection:Bios n° pags: 72 Idioma: spa

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Life on planet Earth is in danger, or at least human life. Since survival is the maximum priority of every living creature and of every species, we have to conclude that environmental issues are the most severe that humanity has to consider at present. As a proposed solution, sustainable development is discussed, understood as that which does not endanger future generations. However, I believe we should go further and talk about a holistic sustainable development, which would be the one that goes further than techno-economical questions. These are without doubt necessary but alone not enough. A development, in conclusion, based on the research of the three fundamental peaces, regarded as a balance: peace with nature, social peace through justice and interior peace.

Lozano Winterhalder, Francesc (Autor)

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