Sostenibilitat a les comarques gironines

ISBN/ISSN: 9788492707256 Colection:Documenta n° pags: 102 Idioma: cat

23.08 Preu sense IVA


The report "Sostenibilitat a les comarques gironines: balanç després de 10 anys d’Agendes 21 Locals" which is holding an innovative and timely document in different ways.nFirst, the lack of tradition that the evaluation of public policies in our country and especially in the field of policies for sustainability.nReading this report suggests changes in the way of governing transit to a more socio-economic model sustainability, changes that have been raised in theoretical terms but, with the information it gives us the report, and can specify more. n

Nuss Girona, Sergi (Coordinació general de)


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