Desde Vygotski a la Psicología Macrocultural

Ratner, Carl
ISBN/ISSN: 9788499842110 Colection:UdG Publicacions n° pags: 260 Idioma: spa

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Carl Ratner is certainly one of the most prominent voices, productive and critic in the field of cultural psychology. His emphasis is on the political organization of culture as fundamental explanatory mechanism for psychological functioning, exploring the scientific and political implications of a special approach called “macrocultural Psychology” rooted in Vygotskian psychology and Bronfenbrenner approach. The vast variety and richness of texts included in this book reflects its position as well as his intellectual. n From analysis by Vygotksi’s psychology, Ratner uses as a theoretical basis to support its macrocultural psychology, the relationship between biology, psychology and culture, emotions, your proposed methodology (qualitative), analysis and criticism of cultural psychology and cultural or final section includes political and social improvement . One of the merits of Psychology macrocultural is the way how it fits with macro issues and psychological functioning factors, which makes it a relevant perspective for understanding and treating social problems present today as the economic crisis of the early XXI.n nn

Ratner, Carl (Autor)



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