Información y documentación digital

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We can no longer imagine the world of science and culture without digital documentation. In fact no sphere of human activity is conceivable without the positive influence of digital documentation, which has done so much to help the spreading and promotion of knowledge. There is no doubt that the digital world also has murky aspects. Documentation has to deal with both these aspects: to extend the positive ones to the greatest number of citizens, while mitigating the negative ones and suppressing them if possible. Of course any study programme requires concepts, ideas and intellectual tools. It is for this reason that the first chapter is dedicated to one of the most well-known research techniques in the social sciences in general and documentation science in particular, the case study. The other chapters are centred on aspects of the digital world: user interfaces and online catalogues in libraries, the publishing industry and digital information, and those elements that offer quality and ease of use for websites.n

Codina Bonilla, Lluís (Autor)
del Valle Palma, María (Autor)
Marcos Mora, Mari Carmen (Autor)
Rovira Fontanals, Cristòfol (Autor)

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