La calidad en el consumo colaborativo

Presente y futuro
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The Internet has experienced exponential growth in recent years. Increasingly, customers prefer to buy online. The consumer seeks new ways based on collaboration and exchange with other consumers. In this environment, during the second decade of the 21st century, the collaborative economy emerged as a phenomenon, already consolidated, that the academic world had barely had time to analyze in depth. This book aims to contribute to the analysis and show the moment in which the collaborative economy finds itself, both from the point of view of the final consumer and the owner of an asset that, for whatever reason, he wishes to make available to the market.

Cots Serrano, Santi (Editor literari)
Casadesús Fa, Martí (Editor literari)
Akhmedova Usacheva, Anna (Autor)
Amat Lefort, Natalia (Autor)
Bikfalvi, Andrea (Autor)
Escobar Rivera, Dalilis (Autor)
Llach Pagès, Josep (Autor)
Manresa Matas, Alba (Autor)
Marimon Viadiu, Frederic (Autor)
Mas Machuca, Marta (Autor)
Vila Brunet, Neus (Autor)

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