Léxic i neologia

ISBN/ISSN: 9788496742482 Colection:Publicacions de l'Institut Universitari de Lingüística Aplicada (IULA) / Monografies n° pags: 286 Idioma: cat,fre,spa
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This compilation of articles brings together twenty studies on different aspects of the lexical neology written by members of the Observatory of Neology (IULA, UPF) since 1989 up to 2001: from texts on methodological, social, textual and technological aspects of the lexical neology up to texts on linguistic and pragmatic aspects of the Catalan and Spanish neologisms, from cognitivist approaches to morphological ones.n

Cabré i Castellví, M. Teresa (Editor del volum)
Freixa Aymerich, Judit (Editor del volum)
Solé Solé, Elisabet (Editor del volum)

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