Ethnomusicological research and education go hand in hand in this book entitled "Traditional music, education and heritage." The contributions presented here have different points of origin: Catalonia, Valencian Community, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Colombia and Chile and a single meeting point, which took place at the University of Girona from October 8 to 10, 2018 when the Fifth Biannual Congress of Ethnomusicology was held under the organization of the Music Area of the Faculty of Education and Psychology of this university. As the prestigious Mexican anthropologist Dr. Andrés Fabregas Puig, a reference and promoter of these meetings, says: "If effective communication between different cultures is achieved in any of the cultural creations, it is in the field of music. The value of reflection on this aspect, in anthropological terms, reserves an outstanding pedagogical value to ethnomusicology. " We hope that the reader finds this book this space for reflection and analysis on very different topics, origins and origins whose main objective is the preservation of the music of the peoples and their study, documentation and exchange between them.
Godoy Tomàs, Joan de la Creu (Autor)
Godoy Tomàs, Joan de la Creu (Editor tècnic)
Alsina Tarrés, Miquel (Autor)
Alsina Tarrés, Miquel (Editor tècnic)
Aguilar Acevedo, Cicerón (Autor)
Alarcón Jiménez, Ana María (Autor)
Arrivillaga Cortés, Alfonso (Autor)
Ayats i Abeyà, Jaume (Autor)
Brito, Carlos Renato de Lima (Autor)
Burguete Sarmiento, José Alejandro (Autor)
Calderón Garrido, Caterina (Autor)
Casadevall Planas, Jordi (Autor)
Casals Ibáñez, Albert (Autor)
Cruset Galceran, Gerard (Autor)
Cruz Sánchez, Joan (Autor)
Dourado Pucci, Magda (Autor)
Durán Serrano, Mauricio (Autor)
Farrés Cullell, Ivet (Autor)
Fierro Alonso, Ulises Julio (Autor)
Fosas Colomer, Jordi (Autor)
Garcia Miràngels, Josep (Autor)
Gustems Carnicer, Josep (Autor)
Hernández López, Geny (Autor)
Mayans Plujà, Joan Josep (Autor)
Mena Larraín, Rosario (Autor)
Mora Goterris, Paloma (Autor)
Peñalver Vilar, José María (Autor)
Pujol i Subirà, M. Antònia (Autor)
Revilla Gútiez, Sara (Autor)
Riera Martínez, Joanna (Autor)
Sanabria Acero, Juliana (Autor)
Subirats Bayego, María Ángeles (Autor)
Tojal Araújo, Iago (Autor)
Valverde Ocáriz, Ximena (Autor)

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