Museus, jaciments, festes i fires

ISBN/ISSN: 9788499843568 Colection:Publicacions del Laboratori d'Arqueologia i Prehistoria de la Universitat de Girona / Diversa n° pags: 232 Idioma: cat
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This book presents an overview of the different elements and events that are being developed and in the northeastern Catalonia in relation to the spread of Roman heritage. In this area there are museums devoted part of its facilities in the Roman world and explain to exhibit objects that are linked. At the same time, some archaeological sites of this period were appropriate and can be visited. Accompanying these two ways of presenting the Roman world, organizes fairs, markets, exhibitions, tours, drama, recreation ... A series of activities that show the Roman world and become a reference to the Roman period. The presentation and analysis of different experiences and realities is an excellent opportunity to advance the study of the uses of heritage and archaeological heritage from Roman times.n

Burch i Rius, Josep (Editor del volum)
Alcalde i Gurt, Gabriel (Editor del volum)

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