Capacitat de càrrega i gestió adaptativa per a la preservació dels ecosistemes marins i costaners

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Researchers and technicians present the concepts of ecosystem carrying capacity, ecosystem approach, adaptive management, co-governance, and define guidelines for harmonized and effective protection, and sustainable uses of coastal marine ecosystems. The Baix Empordà Coastal Co-Management Board promotes that in its maritime and coastal environment of rich natural heritage, socio-economically very dynamic, and also very sensitive due to climate change, adaptive management strategies are applied, agreed by all the agents involved, adjusting activities and pressures on ecosystems in order to preserve the good ecological status of habitats and species.

Martí Llambrich, Carolina (Autor)
Martí Llambrich, Carolina (Editor tècnic)
Sardà Borroy, Rafael (Autor)
de Andrés García, Ana María (Autor)
García Onetti, Javier (Autor)
Roig Munar, Francesc Xavier (Autor)
García Lozano, Carla (Autor)
Pintó i Fusalba, Josep (Autor)
Alturo Monné, Ramon Albert (Autor)
Semestre Alted, Montserrat (Autor)
Recasens Albaladejo, Laura (Autor)
Company Claret, Joan B. (Autor)

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