Del Contraste de Hipótesis al Modelado Estadístico

Losilla, J. M. / Navarro, J. B. / Palmer, A. / Rodrigo, M. F. / Ato, M.
ISBN/ISSN: 9788496367197 Colection:Documenta n° pags: 346 Idioma: spa

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Del Contraste de Hipótesis al Modelado Estadístico aims to offer students, researchers and professionals in the fields of social and behavioural sciences a modern vision of the basic concepts and procedures of the analysis of data from the perspective of the statistical model.nThe comprehensive tendency of the statistical model, from which the hypothesis contrast tests can be considered particular cases, offers a unified way to think of data and substantially reduce the number of concepts that have to be used, thus helping learning and application. On the other hand, this focus envisages the praxis of the analysis of data in the form of a "statistical recipe book", based on the application of a particular test depending on the type of variables involved, the nesting scale, or the fulfilment of a series of hypotheses. Moreover, the statistical model presents a high level of flexibility that gives us the possibility of responding to a wide spectrum of research hypotheses, something that requires a more active role from the researcher in the process of data analysis.nFinally, it is necessary to point out that this is the first of two volumes dedicated to the statistical modelling of data. While this first volume is based on the modelling of a variable of continuous response from the approximation of the model of linear regression, in the second volume a generalized linear model is presented, which allows the analysis of a wider range of response variables such as receptors, frequencies or binary variables, following the same terminology and methodology used in this first volume. Both volumes aim to encourage, as far as possible, a more systematic, homogenous and coherent approach to data analysis.n

Losilla, J. M. (Autor)
Navarro, J. B. (Autor)
Palmer, A. (Autor)
Rodrigo, M. F. (Autor)
Ato, M. (Autor)



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