Sobre l’obra de Fina Miralles

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This volume gathers the texts of the papers presented in the framework of the " Encontres de la Càtedra " that we held at the University of Girona in November 2018 on the work and figure of the artist Fina Miralles (Sabadell, 1950). Its authors have written on various aspects of Miralles' textual and visual work, with a manifest desire not to be closed by the limitations imposed from art history that often tend to reduce complex and changing life and artistic trajectories to more or less labels. stereotypical. As a whole, this book shows that, beyond any categorization or discourse that we can articulate, Fina Miralles's work has become a life lesson, plaited with all her learning, experiences and experiences that are now offered to us as the seed of future.

Faxedas Brujats, M. Lluïsa (Autor)
Faxedas Brujats, M. Lluïsa (Editor literari)
Miralles Nobell, Fina (Autor)
Creus Castellana, Maia (Autor)
Balsach Peig, Maria-Josep (Autor)
Pol i Rigau, Marta (Autor)
Vara, Celia (Autor)
Bassas Vila, Assumpta (Autor)

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