La campanya fragmentada

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The campaign for the regional elections of 2010, which was developed with transfusions of an economic crisis that began to emerge strongly, was marked by three political facts. First, wear the tripartite government after a difficult coexistence of two terms. Second, the certainty of results that gave the winner CiU although without ensuring their majority. Finally, an extension to the unprecedented number of political parties present in the Catalan electoral scenario that made this campaign there was a clear division into positions and political and media discourse, as well as options vote of the electorate.nThis study deals with the analysis of the 2010 campaign from complementary perspectives and methodologies in the context of political communication. It is the fifth studio dedicated to the campaign after the previous corresponding Catalan elections of 1995, 1999, 2003 and 2006. Various teams of experts and analysts (F. Pallares, C. Pont, M. Mauri, M. Obradors, S. Cortinas, I. Di Bonito, D. Domingo, F. Guerrero, L. Gomez, J. Gifreu, T . Airi, T. Moya, F. Saez, E. Xicoy E. Pujadas, O. Perez, M. Oliva, J. Pericot A. Capdevila, T. Verge, R. Besalu S. Bermudez) examine aspects most important of the campaign and its impact on the electorate.n

Capdevila Gómez, Arantxa (Editor del volum)
Pont Sorribes, Carles (Editor del volum)


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