La catedral romànica de Barcelona

Protagonistes, context urbà i edificacions monumentals
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The Romanesque cathedral of Barcelona, begun around 1037 and consecrated in 1058, was undoubtedly one of the cardinal works in Catalan architecture in the mid-11th century. Unfortunately, the certain knowledge we have regarding its material definition is very limited. With the aim of progressing on the restitution proposals advanced to date, this volume combines seven studies that, through the critical examination of documentary, material and technological sources, offer new and justified interpretations. At the same time, that the knowledge of the episcopal church is revealed, the vibrant vitality of both the historical protagonists and the urban, monumental and social fabric that, in a symbiotic way, was organized around the cathedral is reasoned.

The historical and artistic puzzle of the Romanesque period now receives an essential piece.

Boto Varela, Gerardo (Autor)
Boto Varela, Gerardo (Coordinació general de)
Boto Varela, Gerardo (Prefaci de)
Sureda Jubany, Marc (Autor)
Sureda Jubany, Marc (Coordinació general de)
Sureda Jubany, Marc (Prefaci de)
Banks, Philip (Autor)
Español Bertran, Francesca (Autor)
Valero Molina, Joan (Autor)
Baró i Cabrera, Robert (Autor)
Mària i Serrano, Magdalena (Autor)
Minguell i Font, Joan Claudi (Autor)
Aurell Cardona, Martí (Autor)
Feliu Montfort, Gaspar (Autor)

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