La cultura como estrategia de cooperación al desarrollo

ISBN/ISSN: 9788496742499 Colection:Publicacions de la Càtedra UNESCO n° pags: 242 Idioma: spa
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In the International Seminar organized by the UNESCO Chair of Cultural Policies and Cooperation of the Universitat de Girona (UdG) and the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation to the Development, reflections on the role of culture in a globalized world, on culture as an instrument of collaboration and on culture in a world blighted by poverty were considered. Culture, not as an imperial brand but as an ensign of confraternization and of progress. Experts from different countries, whose contributions are included, took part in the Seminar. Think about them. Consider their approaches. Endow culture with meaning.n

Carbó Ribugent, Gemma (Coordinació general de)
Càtedra Unesco de Polítiques Culturals i Cooperació (Coordinació general de)

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