La jurisdicció a Sabadell a la baixa edat mitjana

Edició i estudi d’un llibre de la cort del batlle (1401-1404)
Sales Favà, Lluís
ISBN/ISSN: 9788499844756 Colection:Documents n° pags: 192 Idioma: cat
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This study describes and places in context the jurisdictional court of local scope that operated during the low Middle Ages in the town of Sabadell. Within the framework of the domain exercised by the Council of Cent of the city of Barcelona, an administrative structure, formed by a list of officers, was consolidated, which allowed to resolve conflicts between individuals or between these and the honorable Members. The actions of the court were recorded in specific volumes, of which we present here the edition of the corresponding period 1401-1404.

Sales Favà, Lluís (Autor)

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