La metafísica del conocimiento de Karl Rahner

Mercant Simó, Jaume
ISBN/ISSN: 9788499844176 Colection:Tesis n° pags: 1074 Idioma: spa
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The Jesuit theologian Karl Rahner, after the 2th Vatican Council, became the champion of the "nouvelle théologie" and the "princeps novorum theologorum", through the proclamation of the famous transcendental anthropological turn. In order to properly understand this Freiburg theologian, it is necessary to analyze it from its philosophical foundations. With this book, Jaime Mercant Simó, making a detailed analysis of "Geist in Welt" ("Spirit in the world"), demonstrates how Dr. Rahner, through his "Erkenntnismetaphysik" ("metaphysics of knowledge"), misrepresents the principles of Thomistic metaphysics and gnoseology practically in its entirety, taking the Cartesian "cogito" to its ultimate consequences, identifying in man the "being", the "knowing" and the "known being". In short, the author shows that Rahner, although he presents himself as an authentic interpreter of Saint Thomas Aquinas, is influenced, rather, by Kant's rationalism, Hegel's idealism and Heidegger's existentialism.

Mercant Simó, Jaume (Autor)

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