La vía de la imagen

Un acceso orientado a la psique
Kaufmann, Yoram
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In the eleven years since the publication of the English original of "The Way of the Image", its relevance has only grown. Faced with a growing systemic imbalance, created by human activity, it guides us towards what is necessary to restore balance.
The path of the image provides us with the foundations of a rich and deep access to the psyche: an approach based on an objective knowledge of how to translate the meaning of images (dream images, fantasy images, images from movies, from literature, from art and even headlines) to a language that we can use to understand ourselves and our world.

The proposals in this book are astonishing in their implications:

• There is a truly objective way to get to know the human psyche
• We can regenerate ourselves through the transformative power of images because images are the carriers of the energy of the psyche
• Each of us has a personal pictorial language that must be understood so that we can be understood
• Each image has a precise coordinate system, an innate structure, a series of objective guidelines that inform us about how we can proceed and act, whether in the therapeutic environment or in life in general.

Anyone interested in getting to know themselves, in understanding their dreams, in knowing how a therapy can and should work and how the world of our psyche works, will find in this fascinating book a guide for the rest of their life.

Kaufmann, Yoram (Autor)
Hansmann, Brigitte (Traduït per)

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