Les altres guerres de religió

ISBN/ISSN: 9788499841717 Colection:Papers de l’Institut de Recerca Històrica (IRH) n° pags: 388 Idioma: spa
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Historiography usually reserved the name of religious wars for a number of long-standing conflicts inevitably virulent, and tore, and dramatically dogmatically, churches, governments and communities. However, in modern Europe, conflicts involving religion, directly or indirectly, actively or passively, were not only of its kind, but also were heard in the realm of thought in general, and artistic creation - of course, politics. Especially because religion-or what was presented as such-was actually a language capable of expressing and channeling all antagonisms. So there was "culture wars" in the sociological sense of the word and now, that might not be at the same time, wars of religion or gender variant. And conventional wars, dynastic and territorial nor never hid his religious side, interested and genuine. This collective book deals precisely with those other wars of religion in a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective. nn

Torres i Sans, Xavier (Editor del volum)

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