L’origen i l’expansió de l’agricultura a l’Empordà: del neolític a la romanització

Buxó i Capdevila, Ramon
ISBN/ISSN: 9788495483225 Colection:Biblioteca d'Història Rural (BHR - Rural History Library) / Estudis n° pags: 207 Idioma: spa
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From the origins of agriculture, exploitation of the environment by human communities has changed the landscape , creating new areas typically anthropic : meadows, pastures, crops and ruderal environments . Talking about the influence of human activities on the development of agriculture has also pushed to explain their impact on the development of human societies at the same level, for example, a flint arrowhead or a jug of clay. In the same way that a domesticated plant can not survive without the protection of the human being, only a minimal fraction of the human population could survive without cultivated plants.

Buxó i Capdevila, Ramon (Autor)

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