Traducció i ideologia

Castellanos Llorenç, Carles
ISBN/ISSN: 9788492707355 Colection:Vademecum n° pags: 64 Idioma: cat
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Throughout the six chapters of this book succinctly presents different theoretical content about language, translation and ideology, basing the arguments on an analysis of social meaning. Starting from the conception of ideology as an instrument for regulating social relations, first addresses the social character of language and a critical analysis of linguistic theories. The following analysis explores the phenomenon of translation as a social markedly interlingual nature, therefore subjected to multiple ideological influences. Theories of translation are also discussed, introducing reflections on the theory of meaning. An extensive questionnaire and practical examples of instruments used to stimulate discussion around the ideas in this book.

Castellanos Llorenç, Carles (Autor)

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