Un món de valors

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The theme dealt with in this publication is an important topic at the moment, and one that interests both the educational community and society in general. In the conclusions of the latest conference of School Councils of Autonomous Communities and the State, which took place in Oviedo, entitled "Educators in twenty-first century society", teaching values stands out as one of the proposals for the improvement of the current educational process. This document asserts the need for the values that sustain our democracy and our system of coexistence—dialogue, justice, respect, solidarity and participation—to flourish and be practiced at school. It recommends the planning of teaching of values to be incorporated into the programmes of educational centres.nThis book brings together the contributions of the conferees that participated in the conference on teaching civic values that took place in October 2002 and which constituted the culmination of the task carried out by the working group on teaching values that was established in 1999 with the help of the Josep Pallach Educational Studies Institute of the University of Girona in 1999.n

Institut de Ciències de l'Educació " Josep Pallach" (Editor del volum)


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