Activos para la salud en el mediterraneo / Actius per a la salut en el mediterrani / Assets for health in the mediterranean

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Active health were the backbone of the II Mediterranean Symposium on Health Promotion held in Girona in June 2015 that brought together over 120 professionals from ten countries of the Mediterranean with the aim of highlighting the capabilities and assets present in the Mediterranean. This publication contains summaries of 49 papers presented with the aim of promoting the exchange of experiences and activities related to health promotion practices, assets for health and salutogenesis, and habits and lifestyles. By way of conclusion, experts and professionals gathered at the symposium stressed the need to emphasize the positive resources that contribute to health highlighting the role played by the community. networking, cooperation and interaction at different levels as useful strategies for this purpose were also identified. In order to continue advancing and sharing knowledge and experience, it will boost the Third Mediterranean Symposium on Health Promotion to strengthen and give visibility to the work of health promotion in the Mediterranean region. n n

Juvinyà i Canal, Dolors (Autor)
Bonmatí Tomàs, Anna (Autor)
Vilanova Vila, Marta (Autor)
Casals Alonso, Carla (Autor)

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