Eduquémonos para educar

Una guía parara la educación emocional de los docentes
Timoneda Gallart, Carme
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Learning to resolve conflict is an opportunity to educate yourself emotionally. Emotions are at the basis of any conflict, therefore, its management asks to intervene in the emotions rather than in the conflict itself. I think we have often fallen into the trap of directly managing the conflict without considering whether or not we were helping to bring about a change in the emotional management of the people involved in the conflict. Let me explain it best with an example:

Carla says that Laura does not leave her bike and that she loves her Laura says that Carla always loves her and never lets her. ... the teacher tells them that they have to understand that there is only one bike and that they have to agree and go for a while each time.As for Laura and Carla they are still clinging to the bicycle and not letting it go. They agree, she will take the bike, both of them still get the bike stronger, wanting to take the other one, the teacher tells them that as there are no ways, she picks up the bicycle and takes it back iv tells them that they have to learn to Share things. "

Note that the teacher does end the fight between the girls, but the interesting question is whether it really helps the emotional management that lies at the root of the conflict. What do the two girls feel? And above all, does the management of the conflict that the teacher contributes to educate emotionally? This book deals with this and many other points of emotional education in schools.

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