El castell de Cervià de Ter

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The restoration of the castle of Cervià has made it possible to recover what was certainly the most important building of the medieval past of the town, together with the Romanesque monastery of Santa María. An element that also helps us to understand the formation and evolution of the urban structure of Cervià, for centuries, sheltered from the walls that delimited the fortified enclosure, and from the old Girona road in Empúries and France.nThis restoration has dignified a historical space that had fallen into oblivion but which, however, for centuries, was part of the everyday landscape of our predecessors. Today, once again, the hill that overlooks the old town is presided over by the ruins of a fortification documented as early as 1024 and which, once abandoned at the end of the 15th century, was hidden under debris and vegetation for many generations .n n(From the Prologue by Roser Estañol, mayor of Cervià de Ter)n

Burch i Rius, Josep (Editor del volum)
Burch i Rius, Josep (Autor)
Palahí Grimal, Lluís (Editor del volum)
Palahí Grimal, Lluís (Autor)
Sagrera Aradilla, Jordi (Editor del volum)
Sagrera Aradilla, Jordi (Autor)

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