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The foundation of cities by the Roman Republic was an event of great historical significance. The proof is that many of those settlements are still the centres from which the territory of present-day Catalonia is structured. It is for this reason that the Archaeology Museum of Catalonia - Empúries and the Laboratory of Archaeology, Ancient History and Prehistory of the Institute of Historical Research of the University of Girona decided to organise a conference to bring together the research groups that deal with or have recently dealt with this issue in their studies. This meeting took place in Empúries on 27 and 28 June 2019.
The organising team's intention was to publish it in 2019; this has not been possible until 2023. In any case, we hope it will be a useful tool for everyone working on this issue.

Burch Rius, Josep (Autor)
Burch Rius, Josep (Curatela de)
Nolla Brufau, Josep Maria (Autor)
Nolla Brufau, Josep Maria (Curatela de)
Tremoleda i Trilla, Joaquim (Autor)
Tremoleda i Trilla, Joaquim (Curatela de)
Santos Retolaza, Marta (Autor)
Castanyer Masoliver, Pere (Autor)
Hernández Pastor, Elisa (Autor)
Bouzas Sabater, Marc (Autor)
Costa Solé, Ana (Autor)
Llinàs Pol, Joan (Autor)
Garcia Roselló, Joaquim (Autor)
Revilla Calvo, Víctor (Autor)
Forn Perramon, Clara (Autor)
Padrós Martí, Pepita (Autor)
Díaz García, Moisés (Autor)
Járrega Domínguez, Ramon (Autor)
Ferré Anguix, Ramon (Autor)
Pera Isern, Joaquim (Autor)
Romaní Sala, Núria (Autor)
Carreras Monfort, César (Autor)
Rodrigo Requena, Esther (Autor)
Payà Mercé, Xavier (Autor)
Garcés i Estallo, Ignasi (Autor)
Bermúdez López, Xavier (Autor)
Belmonte Santisteban, Cristina (Autor)
Reyes Bellmunt, Teresa (Autor)
Mas Florit, Catalina (Autor)
Cau Ontiveros, Miguel Angel (Autor)

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