El Model Acadèmic dels estudis de grau en Psicologia de la Universitat de Girona (MAP)

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This document presents the academic model of psychology studies at the University of Girona at the beginning of the 2020-2021 academic year, defines the objectives and the structure of the MAP, the main dimensions and the areas of work.
We hope that the visibility and dissemination of the model will have a triple effect: (1) recognize and reinforce the work that is being carried out in the design and development of the MAP; (2) promote the involvement and debate of all interested parties in its development; and (3) make university teaching and learning activities and the UdG's commitments to the training of its students, the well-being of people, and the psychosocial development of the territory more transparent.

Villar Hoz, Esperança (Autor)
Villar Hoz, Esperança (Coordinació editorial de)
Cunill Olivas, Mònica (Autor)
Cunill Olivas, Mònica (Coordinació editorial de)
Albertín Carbó, Pilar (Autor)
Aymerich Andreu, María (Autor)
Caparrós Caparrós, Beatriu (Autor)
Dorado Caballero, Antonia (Autor)
González Carrasco, Mònica (Autor)
Malo Cerrato, Sara (Autor)
Pérez Burriel, Marc (Autor)
Pérez Guerra, Isabel (Autor)
Rostàn Sànchez, Carles (Autor)
Sadurní Brugué, Marta (Autor)
Sidera Caballero, Francesc (Autor)
Viñas Poch, Ferran (Autor)

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