El plaer de la ciutat – Taking pleasure in our cities

Monteys Roig, Xavier
ISBN/ISSN: 9788499841403 Colection:UdG Publicacions / Microgrames n° pags: 144 Idioma: cat,eng
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The city is not about individuality. In the city it is the relational that predominates; of course we see things and we see buildings, but we see them all at the same time, in relationship with, next to or in front of one another. They may be outstanding or very ordinary buildings, but together they make up a magnificent whole. This is the greatest paradox of city life. The city soon becomes a question of contrast, and the feature against the background of which we form our judgements, like a great stage for human activity, since, amongst other reasons, in the city it is the use to which things are put that predominates. The very thought of an empty city becomes, if it lasts more than a few moments, a terrifying concept and place. nn

Monteys Roig, Xavier (Autor)

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