Guia de suport per a pràctiques de fonètica

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In these pages we wish to offer all students who are beginning in the world of phonetics a useful tool to be able to begin to work, largely from a practical point of view. The material in this volume has been created as a complement to the phonetics exercises available at the web page, created by members of the Laboratori de Fonètica de la Universitat de Girona. The guide is structured in three different parts. In the first, there is brief a manual of the program of phonetic analysis Praat, thought up for beginners and divided into four chapters: one about presentation of the program, the second dedicated to the basic functions of working with sounds, the third on analysis methods, and the final section consists of practical activities on the use of the program. In the second part, relating to articulatory phonetics, images captured through magnetic resonance are offered, corresponding to the articulation of all the sounds of the Catalan phonetic system, organized in a vowel and consonant system. Lastly, there is a section where the symbols of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) can be consulted. There is also a representation of all the spoken sounds of all the languages in the world followed by the adaptation of IPA to Catalan and Spanish.      nn

Blecua Falgueras, Beatriz (Autor)
Cicres Bosch, Jordi (Autor)
Ibba, Daniela (Autor)
Llach Carles, Sílvia (Autor)
Rost Bagudanch, Assumpció (Autor)

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