La comprensió, millora i transformació de la pràctica educativa / La comprensión, mejora y transformación de la práctica educativa / Understanding, improving and transforming educational practice

Esteban Guitart, Moisès / /
ISBN/ISSN: 9788499844343 Colection:Documenta n° pags: 298 Idioma: cat,spa,eng
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The real and relevant projects always rely on collective efforts and institutions, in general, or research institutions, in particular, are a clear example and a good example of this. It is not possible to reduce them in a single name, a single person, a single performance. This, I believe, is the main objective of the book, namely: to make visible the wealth of voices and research groups that, gathered together and within the framework of the Institut de Recerca Educativa of the University of Girona, have spent ten years joining efforts in understanding , improvement and transformation of educational practice.

Esteban Guitart, Moisès (Autor)
Esteban Guitart, Moisès (Coordinació editorial de)

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