Llenguatge jurídic. Exemples de documents i exercicis

Materials de preparació per a l’examen de llenguatge jurídic de les universitats catalanes


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This electronic publication brings together the legal language teaching material produced by various university language services, thanks to the Interlingua grants from the Government of Catalonia for 2019, 2020 and 2021.
The university linguistic services, within the framework of CIFALC (Inter-University Commission for Language Training and Accreditation of Catalonia), organise exams for the Catalan legal language certificate of Catalan universities. Precisely in order to prepare for this exam, a series of teaching materials have been produced which are adapted to the type of tasks and exercises in the test, and which are an indispensable tool for the legal language courses run by the university language services.
Thus, the first section of the document contains twenty-eight examples of legal and judicial documents, of fourteen different typologies, which may appear in the tasks of written expression and revision of a document in the test. A second section presents ten common writing exercises in area 1 of this certificate. And finally, in a third block, a total of thirty-eight activities are proposed which follow the model of exercises on grammatical and stylistic errors, legal terminology and phraseology, graphic conventions and punctuation specific to area 2 of the exam.
We hope that this material, which is also freely available in the Aula Maestra of the Language Policy Secretariat of the Generalitat de Catalunya, will be useful for those who wish to improve their knowledge of legal language and, in short, that the Catalan language will have the presence it deserves in the field of justice as the language of the country.

Serveis Lingüístics (UB) (Autor)
Servei de Llengües (UAB) (Autor)
Dept. de Trad. i C. del Llenguatge (UPF) (Autor)
Servei de Llengües Modernes (UdG) (Autor)
Institut de Llengües (UdL) (Autor)
Servei Lingüístic (URV) (Autor)
Centre d’Idiomes Moderns (UOC) (Autor)
Serveis Lingüístics (UIC Barcelona) (Autor)
Servei de Llengües (UAO) (Coordinació editorial de)
Servei de Llengües Modernes (UdG) (Coordinació editorial de)

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